Terms of Use for Online Reservations

Reservations at Columbus Event Center for birthday parties, gatherings, concerts, and other special events are on a first come, first serve basis. For this reason, we ask for a first and second choice during the reservation process. We will always do what we can to meet your desired first choice of date and time. However, if another event is already scheduled for that same date and/or time, then we will go with your second choice. If both your first and second choices are already booked, we will contact you to determine an alternate date and time that meets your needs, or cancel the reservation if none can be found.

Columbus Event Center will not hold any dates without payment of a deposit for your event (online, by phone, by mail, or in person). Columbus Event Center accepts credit cards through our website or over the phone. We also accept cash and check payments, although we do not suggest mailing in a cash payment for your safety. Because dates and times can fill up fast, we strongly encourage payments by credit card, or at least immediate payment by cash or check. Because of variations in our schedule, we recommend calling ahead to determine if the Event Center will be open to accept payments. If you prefer to deliver a check to the rink in person, and you find the facility to be closed, you may leave the deposit (again, checks only in this case please) in the GRAY mailbox just outside of the gate to the access road to the Wishbones property.

The deposit that is paid to fully hold a specific date and time is ultimately applied to the final balance due upon completion of the party or other event. Birthday party deposits are non-refundable for no-shows and cancellations. Deposit can be applied to a rescheduled date, but only if rescheduled two weeks in advance of the original party date. If rescheduled within two weeks of the event date, the original deposit is forfeit, as other individuals, businesses, or groups may have already been turned away. A rescheduled event where the deposit is forfeit may required a new deposit to secure the new date and time. Some exceptions to this do exist, and will be handled on an individual basis. If booked outside of a public skate session (private parties), the minimum balance due for the party must meet the currently announced minimum rate.

Upon completion of an online reservation, a detailed report of the information submit to Columbus Event Center will be emailed back to the email address supplied. A second, separate file will also be emailed back to the same email address with additional details and terms for birthday parties and/or other special events. Party contact also agrees to the terms laid out in these additional documents. If not, party contact must contact Columbus Event Center immediately for further explanation, or to cancel reservation.

Terms of Use for Online Registrations
Parents and participants are encouraged to take advantage of our online registration system. Parents, or participants 18 years & older, are welcome to take advantage of this system. Minors should have their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) complete registrations on their behalf. Columbus Event Center assumes that all registrations received through our online registration system are completed by those legally of age (18 or older) to submit such registrations and agree to the terms of such registrations.

Our online registration system allows for quick and easy registration, 24 hours a day, year round, for any of our sports leagues, camps, and other special events. During the registration process, we will need contact information for the parent(s)/guardian(s), participant(s), and emergency contact(s). We will ask for basic contact information, including mailing address, home and mobile phone numbers, and email addresses for both parent, participant, and emergency contact. Not all of these fields are required. Similarly, we will ask for medical information to aid us in the event of a medical episode. You are never required to provide this information, nor will we ask for other sensitive items such as Social Security numbers.

We have taken a number of steps to ensure a secure transaction and safe handling of the data you submit to our company. Online registrations include the option to pay online by credit card. These transactions will take place on a secure server.

Your willingness to complete an online registration form for any participant(s) confirms your agreement to pay for the activities you select during the registration process. Participants are encouraged to register for whatever activities they plan on participating in as far in advance as you feel comfortable. However, you must keep in mind that you will be required to pay for any activities selected, regardless of whether or not you ultimately choose to participate in those activities at a later date.

As you navigate our online registration form, your order total will be calculated based upon selections you make during the registration process. If you make an error, or if our staff notices an error, Columbus Event Center will edit the order to correct for any errors. These corrections can change the cost of a registration as submit to our company, and your willingness to complete the registration process serves as your agreement to allow us to make corrections to your order. An effort will be made by our staff to notify you of any errors that may affect the cost before processing your registration payment. However, if we are unable to reach you through the contact methods you provide during registration, your order may be corrected and processed without additional contact to you.

At the conclusion of your registration, you will receive an email confirmation that your registration was received. Attached to this confirmation email will be a PDF copy of the registration form that our company will also receive. You are encouraged to look this over for errors, and should contact Columbus Event Center as soon as possible to make corrections. Otherwise, your account may be set up with inaccurate information, which can lead to delayed receipt of league information and schedules once available and mailed out to registrants. You will also receive additional emails related to the processing of your online payments.

Finally, you will have an opportunity to read our Release Waiver for participation in our leagues or other activities. You are required to agree to these terms in order to complete your registration and participate in our activities. If you do not agree to these terms, you are welcome to cancel your registration. You understand that by checking the box to confirm your understanding and acceptance of this release waiver, you will be bound by the terms as described within. Also, you understand that by typing your name in our "signature" field, that this equally represents your hand written signature on a document of the same, legally binding you to those terms.

Money Back Guarantee for Season Passes
Prior to construction of our new facility, Columbus Event Center will be offering a money back guarantee on season passes purchased to help us raise money for a new construction loan.

In the event we are unsuccessful in our efforts to build a new facility or relocate into a different facility, Columbus Event Center will offer a refund, up to the purchase price of the pass (less sales taxes), for any unused value from the card.

If you have any questions about these terms, please contact Columbus Event Center at (402)562-5663.