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Indoor Soccer Statistics

U8/U10 Division Player Stats - Winter League 2021 Stats ~ ColumbusEventCenter.com

U8/U10 Division Player Stats - Winter League 2021

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 Carter Mejstrik  U10 Green Team 5 33
 Emily Beiermann  U10 Yellow Team 6 27
 Ashley Klitz  U10 Green Team 5 20
 Wyatt Bartak  U10 Silver Team 5 20
 Jared Vazquez  U10 Black Team 6 15
 Logan Sokol  U10 Black Team 4 13
 Addison Podliska  U10 Red Team 6 13
 Kyler Muller  U10 Blue Team 5 11
 Jaime Rodriguez  U10 Blue Team 6 11
 Alyssa Beiermann  U10 Silver Team 6 11
 Joshua Podliska  U10 Red Team 6 9
 Conner Elliott  U10 Green Team 6 8
 Xavier Ramirez Perez  U10 Red Team 6 8
 Emma Ogle  U10 Silver Team 4 7
 Eastyn Citta  U10 Yellow Team 3 5
 Kealan Motes  U10 Blue Team 6 3
 Reese Brandl  U10 Green Team 4 3
 David Ramirez Perez  U10 Red Team 6 3
 Christopher Munford  U10 Yellow Team 6 3
 Alberto Pachuca  U10 Green Team 4 2
 Owen Wythers  U10 Silver Team 1 2
 Abner Jimenez  U10 Yellow Team 6 2
 Ashton Vachal  U10 Yellow Team 6 2
 Bethzabel Ramirez  U10 Black Team 6 1
 Kinley Franzen  U10 Blue Team 2 1
 Delaney Kelly  U10 Red Team 4 1
 Coltyn Hawk  U10 Silver Team 5 1
 David Person  U10 Silver Team 5 1
 Maci Beck  U10 Black Team 3 0
 Charlie Wilke  U10 Black Team 5 0
 Cooper Wilke  U10 Black Team 5 0
 Oscar Nava Perez  U10 Blue Team 0 0
 Hensley Wagner  U10 Blue Team 3 0
 Dash Vetick  U10 Green Team 6 0
 Sophia Ramirez  U10 Red Team 2 0
 Gia Legenza  U10 Yellow Team 1 0
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