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Did you know that you can have an immediate impact on our efforts for a new facility? Each family in the Columbus area has an opportunity to help us raise the funds for a brand new family fun center and sports complex, and with your help, we'll be moving next year! Here's a fun way you can help and save big money at the same time!

Last week we wrote about the possibility that this could be the last year that Columbus has a roller skating rink. We want to reassure you that we have every intent of finding a new home so that we can keep hosting fun events in Columbus for many years to come. Here are more details on how you can help, and what you get if we're successful in our efforts.

This will either be a year of great excitement and anticipation, or it'll be one of sadness and disappointment for us at Columbus Event Center. As we first mentioned about this time last year, we are on our final days at the Wishbones facility. In fact, by this time next year we should be closing our doors at Wishbones for good.

A special fundraiser will be held for the Sweatbox Boxing Club at Columbus Event Center on Thursday, July 6th.

You've heard us spend a lot of time talking about our indoor sports leagues. And, while we're limited to just three options at the moment, we can promise that there will be many times more options down the road on both the sports and entertainment side.

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