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Columbus Event Center Questionnaire

Columbus Event Center is planning on relocating into a new facility that will consist of a larger roller skating rink (hard court surface) and artificial indoor turf field. We will also have other new features for both indoor and outdoor sports and entertainment.

In order to finalize our building plans, we are looking commitments from local sports teams, clubs, and other organizations who may have a use for such an indoor sports complex. Whether you'd like to use it for individual team or club practices, leagues, tournaments, or other events (such as fundraising, registrations, or camps), we need to hear from you!

We don't want to build a facility that is too small for the needs of the community. We also don't want to build something too large, either. So, we need your responses to build something to meet the needs of our community today, while leaving room to grow for tomorrow.

Plus, your commitments now will help us prove enough support exists to move forward with the project, and also help us finalize an operating schedule for the new facility. Reminder: this is not a legally binding commitment to use the new facility.

Thanks in advance for your support, feedback, and commitments to this project!
Below, let us know what day(s) and time(s) you would like access to our facility for your events or practices. Please base your predicted usage off of your club's current enrollment and a realistic expectation of how often you would like to host practices, leagues, or other events. Use the comments field at the end to provide additional explanation or instruction, if needed.

If your team or organization has a need for indoor practice space, consider reserving some time at our current Wishbones facility. We understand it may not be the most comfortable or convenient location at present, but your support now will increase our chances of building that new facility in the near future.

Also, groups who are actively supporting us now at Wishbones will have higher priority access to reserving dates and times at our new facility. So, improve your chances of getting the days and times you need by reserving time at Wishbones below.

NOTE: This is not a required section. If you are not interested in using space at Wishbones now, you may skip this section in its entirety. But, please don't cancel your form submission, as your needs and requests input above will be lost.

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