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ALERT: Covid-19 Update

Columbus Event Center is back to normal operating conditions. Masks are not required for entry, but you are welcome to wear one if you choose. Additional sanitizing of contact surfaces will take place throughout the day and rental skate availability may be limited. Customers will not be allowed to share food or bottled drinks and cups will not be offered. We ask that you please refrain from entry if you are sick or have symptoms of Covid-19 or have had recent contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 to help prevent the spread of the disease. We also ask that you respect the space of other customers in the facility.

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Play Games, Win Prizes!

Columbus Event Center is please to announce another fun attraction at our facility! In addition to air hockey, you can now play a variety of games to win tickets, and then redeem those tickets for a variety of prizes at our new redemption counter! Enjoy games like Monster Drop or Cyclone, or challenge your friends to a round of Extreme Hoops to see can get the highest score. Or, try your luck at the Prize Cube and win a variety of prizes or more tickets! There is plenty of fun for all ages at Columbus Event Center.

Our arcade is open and available during all events and activities at Columbus Event Center, including public skating, private parties, and sports league games. More games will be added in the future, so be sure to stop out and enjoy these games and more at Columbus Event Center!

New Benefit of our Free Membership Cards

Columbus Event Center offers free membership cards that come with plenty of benefits for cardholders (to view all features, click here). With the launch of our new arcade and ticket redemption games, cardholders have access to another fun feature. When you win tickets and turn them in at the redemption counter, you are given a receipt worth the number of tickets you've won. If you choose to not cash in your tickets at the moment (maybe you're saving up for a bigger prize, for example), you must keep track of your receipt or risk losing your tickets. However, if you have a membership card at Columbus Event Center, you can have us transfer your winnings onto your FREE membership account for safe keeping. Come back another day and redeem those tickets previously won, or add more tickets to your account until you are ready to redeem them.

FREE membership cards are just another safe and secure way to enjoy Columbus Event Center. Not yet a member? Click below to complete our short and simple online membership application.

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